1. The first of many lasts.
    The last book display I will create at my current library—a collection of favorite books recommended by librarians and other staff. It’s a simple display, but I planned it as a goodbye to my coworkers before I move on to my new post at a different university.


  2. "We should expect more – not less – from our libraries in the digital age, as technologies both expand and limit who has access to information. But this won’t happen in isolation, and it won’t happen without keeping libraries open, staffed and connected to our community partners."
    — How US libraries are becoming community problem solvers (via libraryadvocates)

    Open and staffed being key issues


  3. worth reading


  4. libraryjournal:

    Gorman 222x300 Kevin Gorman: Berkeley’s Wikipedian in Residence
    Whether librarians and faculty like it or not, Wikipedia remains at the heart of the research process for many undergraduate students. Rather than trying to stem the tide, the University of California (UC) Berkeley is trying to make students there into more responsible and effective users of the online encyclopedia. To that end, the university’s American Cultures program has hired alumni Kevin Gorman (pictured) as the first Wikipedian-in-Residence at a U.S. university.

    Why is it important to make more students into better Wikipedians?
    Wikipedia has an interesting demographic problem. More than 550 million people view Wikipedia every month, but just 30,000 edit the English version of the site more than five times a month. Of the people who edit, most are white folks with tech backgrounds. They write about what they’re interested in and have introduced a systemic bias into Wikipedia. If something isn’t on Wikipedia, it’s approaching a form of erasure, so we want to combat that by bringing in more editors.

    Yes, this is an actual professional position.

    (Source: addtoany.com)

  5. With about 50 participants, plenty of questions about the connection to Fangirl and the reading event, and even more about when/what the next event will be, I think I can call library latte day a success :)

    How it worked…

    My GA brewed espresso roast coffee on one end of a table, I steamed milk in the microwave and frothed on the other end, and students got to pick their flavoring and toppings to customize.


  6. A student tweeted about my upcoming Fangirl events. This makes me way too happy.

  7. thelifeguardlibrarian:


    EveryLibrary is proud to announce our first 10 campaigns for the 2014 election cycle.  With your help, we will provide financial, tactical, and campaign support to 10 library communities on ballots in April, June, August and November 2014. These Elections total at least $39.8 million dollars in stable tax revenue for these libraries.  Please donate today at http://rally.org/everylibrary to make this happen.

    EveryLibrary is fundraising $40,000 to work these first 10 campaigns. We are calling on you, our personal donors, to kick start us with the first $10,000 in funding.  We will put your donation to work immediately engaging voters, training “Vote Yes” teams, and tactically supporting these library ballot measures.  In 2013, for every dollar we spent on a campaign we returned $1,450 to the local community in stable tax money.  As we move into 2014 campaign mode, your donation can be leveraged nearly one thousand times. Our goal is to support 21 campaigns this year.  As more campaigns file, we’re looking forward to announcing those.  It is the funding you provide today at http://rally.org/everylibrary that can make the difference between a win and a loss for these libraries.

    See http://everylibrary.org/everylibrary-announces-2014-campaigns/ for the whole story and more about each campaign.  

    Share & support!


  8. Going to be showing one of our profs how to use tumblr for student engagement in an online setting… here are some links if anyone else is interested in promoting social learning

    Follow, Heart, Reblog, Crush: Teaching Writing with Tumblr
    by Adriana Valdez Young

    How Teachers are Using Tumblr in the Classroom

    Teaching with Tumblr
    by sanojenn


  9. Working on our UX signage project :). Good response from team.

  10. Finished designing the promos for my FANGIRL-themed event week. The books are disappearing steadily, so I’m hoping the events will garner even more interest from students.